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Fresh off of her two Grammys 2014 wins, Lorde is reminding us yet again how accomplished she is at such a young age. Case in point: A “flashback” video of the 17-year-old breakout star just surfaced on the interwebs, and the middle school performance is dated just a few years ago… in 2009!

In case you were wondering, the New Zealand native — real name: Ella Yelich-O'Connor — has always been preternaturally talented. The home video shows her at age 12 rocking out with her band, and with the confidence she’s got strutting that stage, it’s no surprise she’s skyrocketed to fame so quickly. Plus, how many tweens are cool enough to rock a leather jacket?

Now, not everything is the same as it was 5 years ago. Lorde seems to have picked up a bit more of a darker feel in her teen years, as she’s showing off a more smiley, pastel-hued appearance in this blast from the past. Also, the “Royals” singer has since ditched the bandmates and gone solo for a more intimate, pop-alternative feel.

All of these changes can easily be explained by the increase in maturity and emotional feels that come along with high school. But if this vid tells us anything, it’s that the Grammy-winner didn’t just come out of nowhere — this was in the works for a while!

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Source: YouTube

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