Miami rapper Rick Ross is no stranger to turning heads, but his brand-new tattoo is bound to turn a few more: He got "Rich Forever" tattooed on his chin. The 38-year-old "You the Boss" musician revealed the new ink on his face in an Instagram post on Sunday, giving a nod to the artist behind the script, California artist Nikko Hurtado.

Nikko posted his own photo of Rick under the needle, with the caption, "Talk about stress!"

The Maybach Records founder, whose first tattoo was a dollar sign "in the midst… somewhere my shirt wouldn't really show" when he was "13 or 14," didn't put his face under the needle for the first time. Rozay has several pieces of face-art, including a "W" above his right eye ("for win") and an outline of the state of Florida between his eyebrows.

We hope for Rick's sake that his tattoo's prediction comes true. But hey, if he goes broke, he can always grow that patch of beard back, or alter that "h" so it says "Rick Forever"... although his namesake Freeway Ricky Ross might not be too happy about that.

What do you think of the Teflon Don's new ink — too awesome, or too much? Let us know your thoughts below!

Sources: Rick Ross on Instagram, Nikko Hurtado on InstagramBuzzfeed