Think Iggy Azalea’s a flash in the pan? Talk to T.I. The rapper’s joined forces with the Australian tour de force and their new song together pretty much says it all.

Called “No Mediocre,” the song features Iggy starting at about minute 1:20 of the three-minute, 22-second single. She brings the same kind of fast spitting rhymes that have helped make “Fancy” and “Problem” rocket to the top of music charts.

To help speed up your memorization of this latest Iggy number, try these lyrics on for size: “Heard he want to lay it down on Iggy Iggy / Gave it to him twice / Now he want a 3, Mike Bibby diva / But I need a bad boy.”

Iggy’s actually got herself a bad boy: boyfriend Nick Young. The two made their red carpet debut at the 2014 Billboard Awards before jetting off to a tropical vacay to ring in Iggy’s 23rd birthday. She so fancy.

As she makes waves on the charts, Iggy’s also stirred up controversy with a few choice words she had about one of the industry’s other darlings. She took on Lorde in an interview for Billboard and her critique of the New Zealand “royal” had some fans wondering if Iggy’s looking to get in the ring, show us what that big word means.

Credit: AOL Photo: Iggy Azalea and T.I. Drop New Song "No Mediocre" (VIDEO)
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