Just when we thought Robin Thicke couldn’t sink any lower, we heard how poorly his new album fared during its first week of sales.

The artist, who’s notoriously on the outs with estranged wife Paula Patton, has dedicated his latest musical mission to winning back his woman, even going so far as to name the whole album after her. Unfortunately for Robin, though, his UK-based fans don’t want anything to do with Paula.

The Guardian reports the new album sold a mere 530 copies in its first week of sales overseas. Yes, you read write. 5-3-0, as in fewer people bought Paula than are in the standard graduating high school class. The pathetic showing put Robin at spot No. 200 on the official UK Chart. Nothing blurred about those results.

Rubbing a little more salt in the wound, Robin’s last album, the one that got him in trouble in the first place, sold nearly 26,000 in its first week. That’s back when Blurred Lines was new and before people, you know, had had time to seriously sit down and consider the single’s lyrics.

Granted, Paula’s picking up here in the States. Billboard estimates it sold approximately 25,000 copies during Week No. 1. But compare that to the 177,000 units moved for Blurred Lines. Rock bottom, meet Robin Thicke.

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Credit: AOL Photo: Robin Thicke's New Album Only Sells 530 Copies (VIDEO)
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