The Chris Brown and Drake “sorry about Rihanna” tour continues with a stop at the ESPYs tonight, according to TMZ… and it appears that joking about their shared history with RiRi has gone from a punchable offense to just a punchline. Sources tell the website that Chris has a role in Drake's sketch with Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin that appears to make light of the pair's previously violent rivalry.

In a skit rehearsed for tonight's awards show, Blake looks like he's about to let Drake have it, says TMZ, when a scared Drake asks, "Are you really going to do this?" According to their sources, that's when Chris walks in and answers, "No, I am!"

We're expecting some hollering from the audience when this happens, considering the pair's history is so notorious. Both on-and-off boyfriends to Rihanna, the pair's beef escalated in a 2012 nightclub brawl that resulted in some nasty injuries to both Chris and bystanders. Their rivalry stayed in the public spotlight pretty consistently from the recording studio to radio interviews, until late last year, when the two reportedly hugged it out at the iHeartRadio music festival.

Last week, Drizzy and Breezy were even spotted laying down tracks together! Whether this change is a sign of a changed Chris, a heartbroken Drake, or just a chance for some exciting new music, we're glad that these two appear to have buried the hatchet. If nothing else, there's less potential for injury.

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Source: TMZ