Well, here’s someone we haven’t heard from in awhile: Nick Jonas. Ever since he and his brothers decided to peace out from band life in October 2013, they’ve been up to their own individual ventures. Kevin had a kid, Joe maybe kinda sorta dealt with addiction issues, and Nick went back to his roots and made new music.

New music that we’re thankfully finally getting to hear! The youngest of the Brothers Jonas just released his latest work, “Chains,” and you know what, we don’t hate it.

Listen to the whole track for yourself below. We’re getting strong Justin Timberlake vibes from the bass-heavy track, not a bad guy to make your model when you’re trying to break out of the boy band mold. While we don’t think Nick could pull off a fedora as well as JT (really, who can?), this whole solo career might just work out for him.

As for what inspired “Chains,” Joe tells Complex it’s all about the major commitments that everybody faces in life. “Everyone has their own chains, in life and in love, that bind them and this song embodies that feeling,” he said via email. “I’m excited to be back to share this song with the world.”

Keep 'em comin', Nick!

Source: Complex