Kim Kardashian

Kris Humphries’s Ex Myla Sinanaj Gets Crazy Surgery to Look Exactly Like Kim Kardashian (PHOTOS)

Over the summer, Kris Humphries's ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj revealed to TMZ that she'd be undergoing surgery to look exactly like Kim Kardashian — "I'm obsessed with her body and want mine to be exactly the same," she said. Well, $30,000 later, Myla is debuting her new Kim-inspired look with a beach photoshoot and pics from her doctor consultations.

According to Pacific Coast News, Myla had her teeth done by New York City dentist Dr. Sadri and then went to plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman for lipo on her stomach and thighs, plumper lips, and breast implants. NBD, right?

As for how Myla feels about her Krazy transformation? "I'm happy I did it. It motivated me to change my lifestyle as far as diet and exercise, so thank you, Kim!" she tells Star Magazine.

Click through the gallery to see Myla showing off her beach body at the Jersey Shore and let us know what you think of her Kim obsession in the comments below.