Tyler Blackburn

Tyler Blackburn and Mystery Brunette Hit Up Disneyland (PHOTOS)

One of the nice things about working in L.A. is that Disneyland is always close by, and Pretty Little Liars hottie Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers) recently took advantage of that fact, hitting up the park in what looks like a fun day out with an unknown brunette friend.

Is Tyler's mysterious Disneyland companion a new girl in his life? Honestly, we have no idea. The ABC Family hottie is pretty private about his private life. Earlier this summer he was linked to gorgeous blonde Lauren Hoover, but their relationship status was never quite confirmed, and we don't know whether or not they're still together.

It's likely the brunette in these photos is just a friend, but either way, we're jealous. Who wouldn't want to spend a day in Disneyland with Tyler Blackburn? Seems like a blast!

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