See Alexander Skarsgard Naked at the South Pole! (PHOTO)
Credit: Inge Solheim on Instagram    

Alexander Skarsgard

See Alexander Skarsgard Naked at the South Pole! (PHOTO)

Normally we wouldn’t take an issue with Alexander Skarsgard stripping down to his birthday suit and posing for the camera, but when the True Blood star did just that and the revealing results were shared on Instagram a short time later, we were actually a bit worried for the sexy Swede.

You see, Alex chose to take it all off during an expedition to the South Pole, not exactly the ideal location to let it all hang out — if you catch our drift. Alex ventured to the super chilly clime last month as part of the Walking With the Wounded Challenge and his team’s guide, Inge Solheim was the one who snapped the nude shot of the 6’4’’ actor.

In the funny photo, Alex sits naked on an outdoor toilet — save for a pair of sunglasses and furry boots — and pretends to read a book. In the caption Inge writes, “#southpole -30C What are you reading Alex? The script for season 7 of #truebloodHBO? :-) #alexanderskarsgard.

Nudity isn’t anything new for the 37 year old, who went full frontal during the 70th episode of True Blood which first aired last summer, but we’re still surprised that he opted to go sans clothes in such frigid temperatures! But as Alex told Conan O’Brien during an interview, nudity seems to run in his family. “My dad and his side of the family are old hippies. I was 14 the first time I saw my dad wearing pants,” he said. “He was always naked.”

What do you think of Alex’s choice to get naked at the South Pole? Tell us your thoughts below!

01.8.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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