Namedrops from Episode 1.9, “The Perfect Storm”

Pretty Little Liars

Namedrops from Episode 1.9, “The Perfect Storm”

In Rosewood, it’s all about who and what you know. And sometimes, it’s also about having to sit through bad Shia LaBeouf movies. Read below to see the list of people, products, and publications dropped in Season 1, Episode 9 of Pretty Little Liars.

Hanna (to Aria):
Don’t you have enough on Facebook?

You can go now. This beauty doesn’t need a beast.

A’s text: Hey Em — You weren’t the only one with Great Expectations. Check it out.

Mona: Put it toward my birthday present. I registered at Saks.

Noel: Got floor seats to the Sixers game Friday night. They’re playing the Celtics!

Alison: Their names: Pip, Mr. Wopsle, Uncle Pumblechook. They all sound like stuffed animals.

Ashley: It took me months before I went to see a movie alone.
Byron: What’d you see?
Ashley: Transformers 2.

Mona (about Lucas): He need to get to Oz so he can ask the Wizard for a penis.

Hanna (to Mona): Well, I think you’re the one who needs a trip to Oz — see if the Wizard can find you a heart.

Alison: Paris would be so awesome — roll out of bed, eat a croissant, shop for two hours, take a nap in the Louvre, eat another croissant, shop for two hours.

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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