Nancy Grace Slams Tamra Barney Over Child Neglect Claims — Tamra Responds! (VIDEO)
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Tamra Barney

Nancy Grace Slams Tamra Barney Over Child Neglect Claims — Tamra Responds! (VIDEO)

You can always count on Nancy Grace to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong, so of course she’s putting the cherry on top of a horrific week for Tamra Barney. The Real Housewives of Orange County star has come under fire for alleged child neglect by ex-husband Simon Barney, so things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows for the blonde bombshell these days.

Nancy is quick to judge Tamra, saying she doesn’t believe this is a publicity stunt. The HLN host rattles off all of the claims from Simon’s child custody court papers: not bathing the kids, not feeding the kids, not taking the kids to the doctor. It’s clear Nancy has her mind made up and doesn’t even want to fathom that Simon could be making the claims up.

“What the hay is going on?” Nancy exclaimed. “How can she be propped up on a reality show as a real housewife all glamorous and gorgeous?”

Former Real Housewives of New York star Alex McCord came on the show in support of Tamra, saying, “Well it’s really easy to get caught up in filming and when the producers say, ‘Come on we need you. We need you to take a trip. We need you to go away. We need you to film for hours.’”

But Nancy wasn’t having it. “What are you saying? It’s easy to get caught up in filming?” Nancy interjected. “Filming what? What? They all get drunk and start a fight. Filming what?”

Truth be told, Alex didn’t do a good job at defending Tamra. Good thing Tamra can stand up for herself — and that’s exactly what she did!

When one fan tweeted that at least Nancy was increasing Tamra’s popularity, the reality star had the perfect reply: “She can go suck balls. I’ll see her in court.”

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