Nashville Music: What Was the Song Scarlett and Will Sang in Episode 17?
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Nashville Music: What Was the Song Scarlett and Will Sang in Episode 17?

We don’t like to see Scarlett (Clare Bowen) flirt with anyone but Gunnar (Sam Palladio) on Nashville, but it’s hard to deny how cute it was when she took the stage with Will (Chris Carmack) to sing a little ditty in Episode 17 “My Heart Would Know.” They mentioned the song was a “Vince Gill number,” referring to the producer who got the idea for the song from his pal Dolly Parton.

The song features lines traded by Ashley Monroe and The Voice judge Blake Shelton. Here are the lyrics to the cute song:

You ain’t Dolly,
And you ain’t Porter
She’s a little bit fuller,
And you’re a whole lot shorter
Let’s dance all night,
An fill the jukebox full of quarters
Cause you ain’t Dolly,
No, and you ain’t Porter

[Verse 1:]
Well, I notice you right off the bat in those cowboy boots
Who couldn’t help but see you in that Rime Stone suit
That’s cause I’m the reigning queen of Karaoke night
Well if I drunk enough to sing, hell I just might
Hey now, don’t you worry cowboy, cause I’ll get you through
We’ll sing the cheating song, just like they used to do


[Verse 2:]
You’ll probably see me country singing on The Voice someday
Yeah and I’m the guy they wrote about in 50 Shades of Grey
Why don’t you come on back to my place, and have your way
oh baby that sounds tempting, but I just can’t stay
Oh, we won first prize cowboy, let’s just split the dough
Honey I will always love you, but we’ll never know

No, you ain’t Dolly
And you ain’t Porter

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