Nashville Speculation: Did Scarlett and Gunnar Have Sex?
Nashville Speculation: Did Scarlett and Gunnar Have Sex?
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Nashville Speculation: Did Scarlett and Gunnar Have Sex?


Grab yourself a towel, friends, and let’s revisit the hot hot heat that simmered between Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) in Nashville Season 1 Episode 14, “Dear Brother.” Here’s the order of operations: In the episode, Scarlett and Gunnar discover his bro Jason’s gun, then Gunnar confronts him and throws the gun away, despite Jason’s protestations, and then Jason gets beaten to death because he was defenseless. Did we miss anything? Oh yeah, then Scarlett and Gunnar hook up.

While we’re still not completely convinced the hookup was a good idea, we’re not saying that we didn’t need to be alone with a cold shower afterward, cuz we did. (In fact, our keyboard is getting soggy as we speak.) But before we could get enough of watching Gunnar and Scarlett’s long-awaited physical connection, um, connect, the episode ended. So, did they go all the way, or did we see everything that happened?

Although we didn’t know for sure what happened when the cameras went off, we had a guess. Based on how long they’ve been attracted to one another, it’s hard to believe they would have stopped without rounding first. Add to that how little connection Gunnar probably had to his self-control considering the enormous grief he was feeling and this screenshot captured from the promo for Nashville Season 1 Episode 15 “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts.”

Nashville Speculation: Did Scarlett and Gunnar Have Sex?
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In the clip, Gunnar walks toward Scarlett in their hallway, clad in a grey wifebeater tank top and then the two kiss and he picks her up as they make out passionately. Based on that level of intimacy, even the following day, we’d say that these two crazy kids have definitely shared a little more of themselves since we last saw them.

But that's not all, a new spoiler clip for Season 1, Episode 15 "When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts," shows the two waking up the morning after, and it's not as sexy as it seems. Check it out and tune in to see the aftermath on March 27 when Nashville returns to ABC.