Sam Palladio and his charming self hit up ABC Upfronts in New York City on May 14 to party with his fellow Nashville rockstars, and boyfriend had tons to say about what's coming up for everyone's favorite tortured soul, Gunnar Scott! Especially on everyone’s mind? His broken bromance with Will (Chris Carmack), who recently tried to mack on Gunnar's perfect lips.

"It was a great twist and it took Gunnar totally by surprise," Sam tells TV Fanatic. "That relationship is so fun for me to play with Chris, he's a generous actor, and we've had a real life bromance just working together."

That's beautiful and everything, but will Gunnar get over his sudden bout of homophobia and welcome Will back into his life? Sam says that Gunnar's relationship with his sexy neighbor will be "more about building and more about reconnecting and not disconnecting through that incident."

Score! Hopefully, Will and Gunnar will have an epic reunion during Nashville's season finale, which Sam describes to E! as "mind-boggling," adding that, "there's a lot of tears, there's some death, there's some explosions."

Um, "some death?" Way to be vague, Sam. All we know is we're going to pee our pants (by which we mean bloomers) if one hair is hurt on Gunnar's perfectly coiffed head.

Source: TV Fanatic / E!