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The main 2012-2013 season has officially ended, leaving us sad, but really opinionated. What seasons worked, and which ones didn’t? Where were the most compelling plot twists? Were alliances forged in convincing dialogue, or did a friendship end with an obvious plot device?

Here, we’re going to celebrate what totally, completely worked. Some of these are summer shows, but you get the idea! A whole season concentrated TV-watching has given you that fine-tuned, critical eye you have today.

Parks & Recreation has been praised as some of the best comedy writing in a while, but still has convincing, touching relationships. Parenthood’s writers do an amazing job of handling one character’s Aspergers syndrome. Hyper-cerebral Hannibal has a quality of writing you normally need cable to see. Nikita has plot twists for days!

In at least one case, we’ll be rage-voting:
Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, which is equal parts hilarious and surreal, but didn’t even get to finish its second season on-air. Boo!

So, readers: what show had the best writing this season?

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