Credit: Twitter/Hayden Panettiere Photo: Hayden Panettiere Red Bikini

Nashville’s Hayden Panettiere never looked hotter! The gorgeous 23-year-old, who currently plays Juliette Barnes on the Nashville TV show, spent Memorial Day weekend where we’d all love to — hanging out with her BFFs on a boat in a bikini. Does it get any better than that?

Happily, in this day and age of instant photo services such as Instagram and Twitter, we got to be right there along with Hayden Panettiere during her vacation! The former Heroes star posted a delicious photo of her stunning beach-ready body in an almost sheer bikini top.

“My girl! @erinmccarley,” posted as the caption for the pic on Twitter, referring to her photo buddy and friend Erin McCarley, an alternative singer/songwriter. We love their matching red lipstick echoing the vibrant shade of Hayden’s bikini top. Other than the lipstick thought, Hayden looks make-up free and fresh-faced, which we think is a great look for her!

Hayden also posted another fun photo from her vacation of her face marked up like she's wearing war paint. She titled this one "Tiki time :-)" and we're wondering what she was doing that inspired this look!