Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Hayden Panettiere Attends the 2012 American Music Awards

Nashville star Hayden Panettiere says Season 2 of the series will begin filming in July. The actress and singer also says she can’t wait to find out what is going to happen with her character, villain Juliette Barnes, on the next season.

In an interview with,
Hayden Panettiere says she's pretty certain the cast and crew will be “back on set in mid-July.” However, she cautions that in television, “anything can change,” so we’ll just have to wait and see for certain.

Hayden says the quick turn around in starting to film Nashville Season 2 is a little shocking. “I think about it and I go 'Oh my gosh.’ As much as I love my job, we all love our jobs... the fact that we are doing that all over again so soon is pretty crazy!”

The former Heroes star says she doesn’t like to have expectations about where her storyline will go on the show for Nashville Season 2 because it can be disappointing if they end up being wrong. “And I love to be spontaneous and I love to not guess and just wait for it with excitement.”