Credit: video still Photo: Juliette Barnes Sings "Hypnotizing" in Episode 15

Nashville TV show star Hayden Panettiere has an unusual idea for a guest star to appear next season. Of all the people Hayden could pick from, the Nashville star would love to rope in P. Diddy for a guest role on the show.

Really? We’re honestly not sure if Hayden is joking about this or not. We can’t help but be reminded of that hilarious Funny or Die video P. Diddy appeared in pretending to be a guest star on Downton Abbey.

Still, Hayden actually does kind of appear to be serious about the idea of having P. Diddy pop in on Nashville Season 2. “I want P. Diddy to be on the show,” she said, according to the Winnipeg Free Press. “I was like, ‘Let’s mix it up a bit, we could do a duet! That would be pressure!”

Bring it on, we say! Can you really imagine Juliette Barnes and P. Diddy throwing it down in a duet? We’d pay money to see that!

Credit: ABC Photo: Nashville Songs: Scarlett Sings "Looking For a Place to Shine"