Taylor Swift knew that Justin Bieber was trouble when he walked in  and so she has a new guy in mind for Selena Gomez.

T-Swift and Selena are besties, and Taylor is reportedly the driving force behind a possible romance between Selena and 17-year-old YouTube sensation Austin Mahone, according to Hollywood Life.

Selena and Austin were spotted at Disneyland together on June 26, and Taylor is apparently doing everything in her power to get them together and to keep Selena away from a certain other former YouTube sensation.

"Taylor loves [Austin]," a source says. "She thinks he’s adorable and knows that Justin is threatened by him."

"Getting him to hang out with Selena was her idea," the insider adds about Taylor. "It’s no secret she’s not a fan of Justin anymore, so it seems pretty obvious why she’d want to push Austin and Selena together."

We can see why Taylor would be on Team Austin, given that  aside from being a total hottie  Austin is kind of the anti-Bieber.

"Austin is the nicest guy," adds the source. "He’s so genuine — what you see is what you get. He doesn’t party, he’s humble and he’s not taking any of this for granted."

We appreciate that Taylor is looking out for her pal Selena, and we actually think Selena and Austin would be pretty adorable together  as soon as he turns 18, of course.

However, we're not sure if Taylor's efforts will be for naught, as Selena and Justin were reportedly spotted seeing a movie together last night.

Still, if Taylor has anything to do with it, Justin and Selena will never ever ever be getting back together.

Source: Hollywood Life