According to the show’s star Hayden Panettiere, the cast of Nashville will be back to work on the set of Season 2 sometime in mid-July. While music producer T Bone Burnett is sadly stepping off the series, the show will welcome plenty of fresh faces in the form of new characters!

TVLine’s round of Season 2 scoop reveals that two new ladies are headed for Music City, and they’re bound to be competition for one Miss Juliette Barnes.

The first girl, a character named Zoey, is Scarlett’s best friend from when she was young. Dying to make it as a singer, Zoey takes Scarlett’s old waitressing gig at The Bluebird in hopes of immersing herself in the city’s music scene.

Layla, the winner of an American Idol-esque competition show, is “so driven to be a country star that she downplays her Northeastern roots, high level of education, and stable family life.” The 20-year-old may come across like a sweet Southern belle at first, but TVLine promises that “her darker side will show itself over time.”

You can expect both Zoey and Layla to be featured heavily on the show in recurring roles, so Juliette better buckle up that cowboy belt!

Source: TVLine