Credit: ABC

Are you a self-declared Gleek who's looking to cheat on everyone's favorite musical comedy with an even sexier show? We're all about open relationships when it comes to TV, and the time has come for Gleeks the world over to get it on with Nashville. To celebrate this hippy-dippy sharable lifestyle, we've rounded up five reasons Glee fans would love themselves some Nash, so check 'em out and start marathoning!

1. The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music
It's a well-established fact that Gleeks love music, so Nashville is a no-brainer. Sure, these cowgirls and cowboys don't break out into spontaneous choreographed dance routines while dressed like Britney Spears (um, we wish), but the cast of Nashville has raw talent, and each musical number is more glorious than the one before it.

Credit: ABC

2. It's Basically Glee but 20 Years Later
Imagine a world where all your favorite Gleeks grow up, move to The Dirty South, morph into semi-drunken cowboys, and get super into exploring their feelings. Oh look, you just arrived in Nashville, aka Glee 2.0! Also, in this scenario Will Schuester is Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten), aka a washed-up lover of Labrador retrievers who spends his waking hours wrinkling his forehead and crooning.  

3. Nashville Loves Itself a Love Triangle
If you're addicted to the constant make-ups, break-ups and lip-locks on Glee, then Nashville is the show for you. We're barely halfway through the first season and there are already three amazing love triangles — and bonus? Each is steamier than the next! Plus, Nashville is slightly more R-rated than Glee, which means characters are able to take their passion and make it happen! You know, instead of kissing with no tongue in the gym.

4. It Has a Great Ensemble Cast
Much like Glee, Nashville has a talented whack pack of characters who are all tangled up in the fabulous world of sex, lies, and rock ‘n roll. Or, in Glee's case, sex lies, rock ‘n roll, and tragically adorable fashion crimes involving turtlenecks (looking at you, Hummel). If you love a talented ensemble cast, look no further than Music City — a magical land where "everybody knows your name. And they are always glad you came." (See what we did there? We burst into song.)

5. The Characters Are Dynamic
Don't get us wrong — Glee is ab-fab and features a host of amazingly fleshed-out characters, but it's definitely made for a teen audience. Nashville takes the best parts of Glee and makes them slightly more adult, with even more realistic emotional portrayals and hard-hitting problems. You know, problems like Deacon's curious addiction to Old Yeller.

Convinced? Check out the show on ABC on Wednesdays at 10pm. Because the show is currently on hiatus until the end of March, it's a perfect time to catch up by watching all 14 episodes online!