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Watching Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) tenderly sexplore each other's bodies during this week's episode of Nashville was so beautiful. It was like reading a Judy Blume novel, only even more sexually tense. True, Jason's body was chillin' in a morgue while Gunnar was gently caressing Scarlett's blooming bloomers, but whatever.

This hookup was a long time coming, and we're thrilled that everyone's favorite singer-songwriters were able to make sweet, musical love. Check out five reasons we think Scar and Guns should make their relationship official!

1. Because Rayna and Deacon Didn't And Look at How Sad They Are
Have you guys looked into Deacon's (Charles Esten) eyes lately? They're like endless pools of misery and the only thing that makes them sparkle is the sight of Rayna (Connie Britton) in a pleather jacket. Scarlett and Gunnar are totally Rayna and Deacon 2.0, and if they actually make an effort in their relationship it's possible that they won't end up as depressed Labrador-obsessed hillbillies.

Credit: ABC

2. Um, Sooo Many New Love Songs
Scarlett and Gunnar have so many feelings and emotions, and their song lyrics are going to be even more romantic now that they've made backwoods love. Like, we're already crying at their hit single and we haven't even heard it yet. Also, we'd like to present this working title for their debut album: "That Time Our Bodies Became One and a Unicorn Was Born."

3. Fans Will Love Them
Now that Scarlett and Gunnar have performed in front of Nashville's musical elite, it's only a matter of time before they're signed to a label. And once they dethrone Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) and Rayna as the most famous country stars this side of Music City, fans will become obsessed with their sexual chemistry! Especially if they continue to eye-sex every time they sing.

Credit: ABC

4. Avery Will Become Even More Bitter
Not to hate on Avery (Jonathan Jackson) and his grotesque facial hair, but Scarlett and Gunnar's relationship is going to drive him bananas, and we're so excited. There's nothing more fun than a love-triangle, especially when guitar-offs are involved! Fingers crossed that Avery and Gunnar learn ballet so they can get into a West Side Story-esque dance fight.

5. Scarlett Deserves A Guy Who Respects Her
Not to hate on Avery even more, but this dude didn't exactly treat Scarlett with R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Not only was he a huge jerk about her career, he cheated on her with a geriatric old lady. Poor Scarlett deserves a man who will support her, and that man is Gunnar. Our one concern? That Scar'll start dressing Gunns like Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prarie.