Cute news of the week, guys. On Saturday, February 16, Nashville heartthrob Sam Palladio (Gunnar Scott) performed a show in — where else — Nashville. The real life singer-songwriter opened for fellow Brit Josh Doyle at Tennessee club 3rd and Lindsley, and ended up stealing the show. There’s a plot twist we could’ve predicted.

But the cutest part of the evening wasn’t that the concert was attended by a bunch of the Nashville cast and crew, including executive producers and cameramen who shot the show. Nope, it was that Clare Bowen (Scarlett O’Connor) made a surprise guest appearance during the set.

In case you couldn’t guess which song they performed, it was the perfect-in-every-way duet “If I Didn’t Know Better,” which they played backed by a violinist, upright bassist, and box drummer. But before you get any ideas about the duo recreating the sultry tune, Sam watched the rest of the show with his IRL girlfriend Chloe Bennet (Hailey).

Source: The Tennessean