Connie Britton (Rayna Jaymes) can do pretty much anything perfectly, if you ask us. As country legend and reigning queen of Nashville, Rayna James, Connie has shown her chops not just as an amazing actress (as we already knew she was) but also as a singing force to be reckoned with.

CMT caught up with the grown-up version of our ideal red-haired dynamo self to chat about Nashville — the place and the TV show she calls home. “Before we even started shooting the show, I had lots of conversations with Callie [Khouri, the lead writer] and R.J. Cutler, who shot the pilot, about that. I felt — and I know they did, too — that in order for the show to really have the integrity that we wanted it to have, we would have to be here to shoot it,” Connie says of filming in Tennessee’s capital.

I think it really has contributed so much to the authenticity of what we're doing. Whether it's just walking out your front door and hearing the accents that are out there or being able to perform at the Grand Ole Opry ... it's just being in Nashville.” Certainly, the show has used their location to the greatest advantage — filming not just in the Opry, but also at local spots The Bluebird Cafe and Ryman Auditorium, among others.

So, with the authenticity of location, the best-sounding rooms to sing in, and a dream cast, what more could Connie want? How about an amazing duet partner (no offense, Juliette [Hayden Panettiere]). “Bonnie Raitt would be so great to have on the show,” Connie gushes. “I got to see her perform at the Ryman here in Nashville, and we got to meet her afterwards. And she actually came and visited the set. I'm like, "Whoa, maybe we can get her on our show." She's amazing.”

That would certainly give everyone something to talk about.

Source: CMT