Hayden Panettiere plays the super young Juliette Barnes on Nashville. Between temper tantrums and having to play mom to her own mother, it seems like she’s having a life crisis every week on the hit show. But is she getting some of the inspiration from her own daily life? Does she have a child inspiring her meltdowns, and keeping her on her toes? No. No, guys, she doesn’t.

Although Hayden has been a girlfriend girl from the get-go, she’s nobody’s baby-mama. She did however post this darling pic of herself with a sweet little girl with the caption “My baby girl #goddaughter.” Aw, so cute!

Do you think the 23-year-old Hayden would be a good mama? With her fun-loving ways, super active lifestyle, and solid morals (save the dolphins, y’all), she seems like the perfect mom-in-the=making. And judging by the funny glasses and goofy face she’s making in this pic, she’s probs the perfect #godmother too.

Source: Instagram