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There comes a time in every starlet's life when she looks back on her Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper collection, and thinks, "I should probably dip-dye my hair rainbow." And Nashville's resident songstress, Hayden Panettiere (Juliette Barnes), is about two seconds away from doing just that.

This gal is known for her blonde locks of loveliness, but she recently stepped out on the town with lavender tips! Yep, girlfriend has dyed her hair purple in a move we are going to dub as "The Barney Homage." It looks like Hayden's ultra-violet streak begins at the top of her roots and spirals out of control at the ends, but not gonna lie –– we kind of love it. Sure, it's slightly "Miley Cyrus meets Every Cast Member of Teen Mom," but if anyone can pull off a flirty spring makeover, it's Hayden!

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Sigh, it's times like this that we ask ourselves WWJBD (What Would Juliette Barnes Do?), but then we remember that she's too busy eating canned dip to have an opinion.

Source: Splash