When she played Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights, we never really considered how old Connie Britton was. Why? Because she was playing mother to a teenager and it wasn’t ridiculous. Also? She’s hot. Tall and statuesque, with enviable hair and a naughty pilates body, it didn’t really matter. So, when her character on Nashville, country queen Rayna Jaymes, was described as “an aging Queen of Country,” a lot of people took offense.

On TV, Connie plays the 40-ish-year-old Rayna. In real life, Connie is 45 years old. “Honestly, it was a problem for me,” Connie says of being called old because of Hollywood standards. Although people use adjectives like “distinguished,” and “handsome” to describe non-20s actresses like Meryl and Anjelica, the red-haired actress found it ridiculous.

“I was like, the minute I’ve been referenced in writing as aging, I’m done,” she tells the New York Times. “I was furious about that.” Other things she’s furious about? The fact that Rayna’s life “falls apart at 40” because her career is seemingly heading south (and we don’t mean toward the Gulf of Mexico). “That’s not even who I represent as an actor,” Connie confirms. “My life started being awesome five years ago.”

Both Connie and Rayna seem to have boots we’d love to step into, “aging” or just getting broken in.

Source: New York Times