Credit: Splash News

Nashville stormed onto our TV screens in fall 2012 with an intoxicating mix of heartthrobs, emotional tension, and the Flawless (yes, capital F, y’all) Connie Britton. One particular dude who caught our eye? Mr. Charles Esten, who plays the brooding recovering alcoholic Deacon Claybourne.

Deacon is Rayna James’ former flame and current collaborator — and he’s also seemingly Juliette Barnes’ kryptonite. As Deacon smolders his way into the hearts of America, it made us wonder: How old is the actor playing the rugged heartbreaker?

Charles is a surprising 47 years old, according to IMDB, which lists his birthdate as September 9, 1965. Another fun fact? His real name is Charles Esten Puskar III, and, in addition to making audiences fall for him on ABC, he’s a seasoned comedian known for his work on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Source: IMDB