If you've been crying in your beer every Wednesday night over Nashville's on-again-off-again schedule this spring, you're not alone. We feel your pain in a way that could not be expressed by even the most tragic and depressing country song. However, we can all enjoy some salt-free brewskies tonight, because Nashville is new! Our favorite soap opry is back tonight at 10 with Episode 18: "Take These Chains From My Heart."

And — more good news! — it looks like we'll have an uninterrupted run into the season 1 finale on May 22.

Wait... we just counted on our fingers. That means, including tonight’s episode,  there are only four more episodes this season. We may have spoken too soon about the tear-free beer situation.

So what can we expect tonight? Well, judging from the promo for this week’s episode, it looks like we can expect a hot mess of relationship drama that’s bound to bring on the sniffles on-screen if not here from our armchairs. All we have to say is that Gunnar better check himself before he wrecks himself — and Rayna and Deacon need to just go make out forever, right?