We love watching Hayden Panettiere on Nashville every week as pop-country diva Juliette Barnes. But sometimes we’re watching her strut around stage in sequins, or bossing around her minions, and we’re like “yeah, but does she ever hang out with lemurs?” What better way to find out the answers to life’s burning Hayden questions than 140 characters of pure real talk?

So, naturally, we were dying to know if the pint-sized pro sports player-dating actress is on the Twitters. Short answer? Yep. You can follow Ms. P at @HaydenPanettier (because her name wasn’t hard enough to spell in full consonantal glory) for daily musings on football, nail care, and free bling.

Her Twitter bio tells the world she’s an “Actress, Activist.” Judging by her background pic with the dolphins, we doubt she’s hiding behind the handle to avoid arrest from anti-cute animal groups. Enjoy!

Source: @HaydenPanettier