It doesn’t take a genius to look at Connie Britton’s Rayna Jaymes on Nashville and conjure images of pop-country star Faith Hill. After all, the two ladies have a ton in common. Namely, Faith looks a whole lot more like Rayna’s sister than, well, Rayna’s actual sister. And that’s no mistake. "In the hair and makeup trailer, we definitely looked at a lot of pictures of [her]," Britton tells the Nashville Scene.

Besides having similarly enviable hair and being around the same age, both stars (real and fictional) have some life story commonalities that are tough to ignore. In real life, Faith moved to Nashville at 19 years old to pursue her dream. And where did she first experience success? Oh, that would be the Bluebird Cafe, a location featured heavily on Nashville. Just as Rayna sings over Deacon’s guitar on the show, Faith got her start singing with a singer-songwriter at the awesome music destination.

Romantically, Faith is famously linked to fellow country star Tim McGraw, her husband and frequent tour partner. Funnily enough, Rayna has a romantic and professional past with Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten), a troubled and talented singer-songwriter and guitarist. Although Connie claims that Rayna is an amalgam of several superstars, Faith is clearly an inspiration for the character.

And for your fun six-degrees moment of the day: Connie Britton and Tim McGraw were both in the film version of Friday Night Lights in 2004, though not as husband and wife. That would just be too much for our brains to handle.

Source: Nashville Scene; USA Today