Credit: ABC

We're so happy that Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) and Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten) are once again making sweet, musical love. This sexually frustrated couple decided to put their differences aside and give their relationship another shot during this week's episode of Nashville Season 1, Episode 19 "Why Don't You Love Me," and naturally they celebrated their reunion with some late night crooning. 

We haven't heard Rayna and Deacon belt out this cover of "End of the Day" before (at least, we think it's a cover), but it definitely tugged at our heartstrings. Check out the lyrics!

I'm quitting the bottle at the end of the day
Wanna be there for heaven when it opens the gate
I'll give up the lying if you're gonna stay
I'll be quitting at the end of the day

[Chorus] Don't say it's over
Ima fix what I've done
gonna lay down beside you wanna lay down my gun
the struggle ain't over but I hope you will stay
cause I'll be quitting at the end of the day

I'm done with the cheating that drove you away
But you'll give me forgiveness if I promise to change
I told you It's over, so what else can I say?
I'll be quitting at the end of the day


hold on a couple more hours
I'll be home ready to lay in your arms
don't change your mind