It’s always painful watching someone fall off the wagon, especially when it’s someone’s mom.

In this sneak peek of Nashville Season 1, Episode 5, “Move It on Over,” Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) comes home to a rude awakening.   

Walking through the door, Juliette says, “It’s too quiet in here” as she looks around for Jolene, her recovering drug addict mother. When Juliette fails to find Jolene watching TV in the living room like she usually does, her bodyguard suggests that Jolene might be taking a nap.

Juliette stalks down the hallway to her mother’s room and opens the door to find Jolene passed out face down on the bed next to a strange man. Bottles of booze litter the night stand. “Damn it!” says Juliette.

Do you think she’ll forgive her mother for relapsing? Watch the entire clip below!

Credit: US Weekly Photo: Sneak Peek of Nashville Season 1, Episode 5: "Move It on Over" — Juliette Comes Home to a Rude Awakening

Source: US Weekly

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