If you ask us, there’s nothing wrong with Nashville, you know, except for the fact that it’s NOT ON RIGHT NOW AND WE ARE DYING BECAUSE OF THAT. Just that little fact. But, earlier in the season, the show had more to fix than its unpredictable hiatus schedule. Even in the four months that the ABC show has been airing, there have been some noticeable changes. Kevin Beggs, President of Lionsgate, the studio behind Nashville, sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about what they’ve done to make the show better. 

Remember in the beginning, when Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) was just a bratty entitled crossover artist with a meh voice and no interesting storylines in sight? Oh, and how about how Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) wasn’t quite as fabulous and was supposedly “aging” and focused only on her lame husband? And this: Scarlett O’Connor (Clare Bowen) was all bogged down with super lamesauce Avery (Jonathan Jackson). That was the worst. Well, gone are the days when these were the focus of everything, and that’s no accident.

Credit: ABC

From the pilot to now, you'll see a pretty significant evolution in terms of the amount of story, the pacing, the high stakes and the more serialized ‘a-ha’ moments, which really are part and parcel of a successful 10 p.m. drama on a network, especially ABC,” Kevin tells THR. He must be referring to the humanization of Juliette via her mom’s storyline, the freeing of Rayna from her deadweight husband, and the mad screentime Scarlett and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) are getting these days.

“It took a little while to incorporate those,” Kevin continues, “but we found our footing, and these episodes that are airing now and will be through the end of the season are full of amazing twists and turns but always grounded in a relatable reality.”

Credit: ABC

Let’s hope those include more consequences for the boneyard field trip Scar and Gunn took in Episode 14, a fun romance storyline for Rayna, and not letting Juliette and Avery hook up under any circumstances. Because Avery getting romantic with anyone is just not good television.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter