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If you thought your own relationship with your ex-lover / guitarist was weird, you’ve got nothing on Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) and Deacon Claybourne’s (Charles Esten) bizarre history on Nashville. Did you check your boyf into rehab and then marry a guy who your estranged dad would morph into Mayor, only to have your life flipped, turned upside down? We didn’t think so.

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In recent episodes, Rayna has begun to make her way back to the sometimes treacherous land of singledom, and Deacon is definitely factoring into her journey. But while Deax had a fun fling with Stacey, we're glad that storyline is (hopefully) over. One reason we’re feeling this? Because Rayna and Deacs have a kid together...

We’ve heard talk that Maddie Conrad (Lennon Stella) may have the wrong daddy’s last name on her lunchbox, and that as the show progresses, we’ll find out if Deacon is actually her pops. So, when will that be? Ummm, not as soon as we hoped. TVLine gossiped with series creator Callie Khouri about this storyline, and it looks like it might be a little ways out.

Deacon so far “has no idea” that his creations may not be limited to hangdog song lyrics. But as to when he’ll find out, it’s anyone’s guess. “That’s a big deal… We’ll hold that,” Callie spills of the life-altering change. When he does find out, will it be the fuel he needs to drop his new lady and stomp on into Rayna’s heart? Sounds like the perfect way to end the first season to us...

Source: TVLine