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All the ladies on Nashville have had some interesting love storylines so far, but only Clare Bowen (Scarlett O’Connor) has gotten to watch her two main men fight for the right to party with her. In Episode 12, “I’ve Been Down That Road Before,” Gunnar Scott (Sam Palladio) protects Scarlett’s honor when Avery Barkley (Jonathan Jackson) called his ex-girlfriend out for kicking it with another dude in their old shared shack. But while we’d love a “one and done” KO of Avery from the picture, that’s not going to happen. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the three actors at PaleyFest 2013 to talk about what’s next in their geometric romance structure.

Yeah, well, you know, Scarlett and Avery were a couple for a few years so they have a deep connection so I think at some point Avery might try to get her back and that’s when things will heat up in that regard,” Jonathan explained about his character’s motivation for reconciliation.” So I think the love triangle will probably come from that place and whether or not it’s even a possibility for Avery to win her back or not and I don’t know if it is.”

Credit: ABC

As for her side of things, Clare is more sympathetic and reflective of where her character’s love connection came from. “You never know, Avery is not a bad person, he’s just a lost creature and people get found all the time so you’ll see. Perhaps not in the way that their relationship first started,” the Aussie actress tells Wetpaint exclusively. “I think we’re all growing as characters, you know, no one is the same as when we started.”

So, what does Sam have to say about the girl he just hooked up with in Episode 14, “Dear Brother” possibly going back to where she came from? “Avery — Gunnar's laid him on the floor with a few punches a few episodes before so he's not too in the picture at the moment,” the Brit proclaimed proudly. So is it smooth sailing then? Not quite.

“[T]hey throw in another character called Will — played by Chris Carmack — who is going to be a great catalyst for some new dramas,” Sam hints of other obstacles. While we’re dying to watch Scarlett and Gunnar get a little more hot and heavy, we wouldn’t mind drawing out the drama a little more. And from what these three had to say, we’re going to get just that.

Reporting by Lindsey Jordahl