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In Nashville Season 1, Episode 14, “Dear Brother,” the entire cast of characters is struggling with boundaries — how to love without enabling. Gunnar Scott (Sam Palladio) grapples with the return of his felon brother, Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) tries to support her mother’s sobriety with an iron fist, and Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) struggles with how to be there for her daughters without showing them the pain their father is causing her. In the meantime, the Nashville cast does what they do best: sing songs that sear to the bone. Here are the moving lyrics to the music played during the episode:

Song: “We Are Water”
Original Artist: Patty Griffin
Scene: Juliette sings by herself in her house
My friend my friend you are traveling
Some of your secrets are unraveling
Some other pictures are coming into view
I see the water washing over you
‘cause we are water
We flow and flow
I feel you pour through every inch of my soul
And I really must tell you this
Before you go
We’re the water, we flow and flow

Song: “I Will Fall”
Written By: Tyler James & Kate York
Scene: Deacon’s birthday party
Performed By: Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen
I’m afraid to go up onto the second floor
If you wanted to work it out why’d you lock the door
I thought I was good at loving you
But our light went out when you wanted it to
I wish you the best, I’m headed west
it’s all I know to do
I will fall, I will fall if you come around
Just when i think my heart break has settled down
I will fall, I will fall if you come around
When we said goodbye it was forever
And I spent the last year piecing my life together
Just when I think I’ve let you go
Your song’s playing on the radio
And just like that it rushes back
every part of you
I will fall, I will fall if you come around
Just when I think my heart break has settles down
I will fall, I will fall if you come around

Song: "Stronger"
 The end of Deacon’s birthday party
Performed By: Connie Britton and Kate York
Here I go again
Walking the line killing time between my sins
Oh, why do I come here?
The ending is still the same
I’m bring back old tears
I act like I don’t know
Where this road will go
Pour me something stronger, pour me something straight
All these crooked voices, make them go away
I can barely stand up
I can hardly breathe
Pour me something stronger than me
Pour me something stronger than me
Sunrise hurts as much as you
You always come up when I don’t want you to
Oh, I can still hear you say
That you and I will both be off this way
Pour me something stronger,
Pour me something dark.
Pour it up so high so I can’t feel my heart.
I can barely stand up.
I can barely breathe.
Pour me something stronger than me.

Credit: ABC Photo: Nashville Songs: Rayna Sings "Stronger Than Me" in Episode 14