Country stars are flocking to Nashville like labradors flock to Deacon Claybourne's (Charles Esten) love shack.

This show is only halfway through its first season and its already featured guest appearances from a handful of country music legends and up-and-comers alike, including Brantley Gilbert, who showed up to say "hey y'all" at Rayna (Connie Britton) and Juliette's (Hayden Panettiere) release party! Brantley had a short scene making small talk with Rayna before she flitted off to kiss her hubby (sob, there are traitors among us!), and he says working with her was amazing.

Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images Photo: Brantley Gilbert

“Working with Connie Britton was definitely an honor,” he tells GAC. “It was really cool. I met Hayden Panettiere as well, just briefly, but Connie was definitely sweet.”

Brantley's fiance, Jana Kramer, has worked with Connie in the past (on Friday Night Lights), and Connie was more than happy to send her best wishes. “She remembered Jana and told me to tell her ‘hello,’” Brantley says. “We had a cool conversation about that. It was a lot of fun. She’s a very, very sweet lady.”

Sigh, why are we not surprised that Connie is a dream to work with? This gorgeous bombshell might hail from the East Coast, but she's a Southern belle at heart, and has charm up the wazoo!

Source: GAC