We’ve always wondered why Nashville leading lady Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) doesn’t share a last name with, um, anyone on the show. Think about it: Her father Lamar (Powers Boothe) and sister Tandy share the last name Wyatt, while her husband Teddy Conrad (Eric Close) and daughters share another last name. So, what’s the deal?

Well, for months, we’ve wondered if it was just a stage name — an homage to superfluous “y”s or something. But on Nashville Season 1, Episode 14 “Dear Brother,” Lamar finally gave us the explanation we were looking for. Namely (ha) that Jaymes is Rayna’s mom’s maiden name.

As we’ve learned on the show thus far, Rayna and her father aren’t exactly BFF. It’s been more than hinted at that Lamar and Rayna’s mom didn’t have the best relationship, so it makes sense that Rayna sided with her mom and took her name instead. Whatever the reasoning for not taking her husband’s last name when she got married, it sure makes for less paperwork post-divorce. Mystery solved!