Because we know you want to sing along when you re-watch Scarlett (Clare Bowen), Gunnar (Sam Palladio), and Avery (Jonathan Jackson) sing "Loving You Is the Only Way to Fly" over and over again, here are the lyrics!


Song: “Loving You Is the Only Way to Fly”
Artist: Scarlett (Clare Bowen), Gunnar (Sam Palladio), and Avery (Jonathan Jackson) 
Written by: Buxton Hughes 


Can’t find the strength the strength to stand alone

Can’t seem to find my way back home

I fell so far so deep

Can’t eat, can’t breathe, can’t sleep

Don’t much care if I live or die


Loving you is the only way

(Loving you is the only way to fly)

Somebody said, “Some dreams come true, some pass you by.”


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Credit: Rolling Stone Photo: Nashville Music: Gunnar and Scarlett Duet on "Loving You Is the Only Way to Fly" in Season 1, Episode 5 (VIDEO)