Remember back in the ‘90s when your universe consisted of watching Puff Daddy (sorry, P. Diddy) roam around in giant, free-flowing pants and oversized vests? We do, fondly. Nowadays, this hit-maker has moved on from rap and R&B, straight into the tender arms of country music. In fact, Puffy's favorite show is none other than ABC's Nashville!

"Watching #nashville  before I take this #redeye," Diddy tweeted on April 4th. "yes I love the show :)"

Join the club, Puff the Magic Dragon. And, in case you're wondering, Nashville's Hayden Panettiere (Juliette Barnes) is blown away by the fact that P. Diddy is a fan. "Now that's about as cool as it gets! #PDiddylove," she tweeted in response to his shout out.

Credit: Twitter

It's no secret that Hayden is a huge fan on P. Diddy. In fact, she recently told PopSugar that she wants him to guest star on Nashville! “I keep saying that we should have P. Diddy come on,” Hayden said. “We should do a duet. You’ve got to mix it up a little bit.”

This is clearly the best idea ever. Now excuse us — we have to go check the mail to see if P. Diddy invited us to his circa 2001 White Party.

Source: Twitter / Twitter