You know how sometimes you’re watching a show — we won’t name names — and you’re like, “That girl is TOTALLY based on Taylor Swift!” But then when you tell your cat, he’s all “nah, I don’t see it.” Well, today is your day, friends. Our little Tay-Tay landed herself a lovely guest starring spot on one of our favorite shows, and all is right in the world.

Credit: Courtesy of Fox

Unfortch, although we really want her to have a guestie on Nashville as Juliette’s long-lost sister, or something, her role will be a bit different. Taylor is guest starring on New Girl’s season finale! And that’s not all, according to an E! report, her character will be named Elaine, and will be an “important guest” at Shivrang and CeCe’s wedding. So, just who is she? Word is, she's Shiv's ex lady-lou.

Fans of the show know that hilarious d-bag Schmidt has been in love with Indian model CeCe for years, and is not the one walking CeCe back down the aisle. Perhaps Taylor will object to the marriage from the other side of the aisle? Maybe she and Schmidt will sing a duet about their lost loves? Man, if only Taylor had a hit song that would fit perfectly here... There are so many possibilities for what could happen -- way more than 22 -- but we will never, ever stop thinking of different love stories for our crossover queen.

Source: E!