The cast of Nashville is pretty solidly set when it comes to the perfect mix of acting talent and singing chops. So, what could add to that blend of Grammy gold? Only a guest star of a huge caliber. And, as long as they’re going down that path, it might as well be someone who could walk on set, open their mouth, and let loose a flurry of ratings and magic. And we know just the person for the job.

Who, you ask? Blake Shelton, that’s who. The country singer and The Voice judge redsides in Nashville, after all, and was a judge on Nashville Star before that other competition show was even a sparkle in his eye. But this is more than just our wish list being projected here — it seems that it may even happen!

With The Voice’s season over, Blake’s concentrating on music, but doesn’t have a tour scheduled until July so there’s plenty of time to film. It would hardly be new territory for the charming superstar, who recently filmed a guest starring role on Reba McEntire's show Malibu Country. Plus, an E! spoiler hints that the appearance is a definite possibility, saying “A sexy new singing cowboy will be rolling into two to stir up trouble between [spoiler] and [spoiler]. And he's every bit as charming as Blake Shelton, if you can believe it.”

Awfully suspicious that they’d just throw his giant name out into the Internet, dontcha think? We’d bet our best ten-gallon hat that Blake will show his purty face on the small screen in his hometown’s best new show.

Source: E!