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It’s a well-documented fact that actors are just about the most self-conscious people on the planet. Think about it: they spend all of their time trying to “look right” for a part and then, once they get cast, they have to stand in front of a camera with people staring at them. End result? A whole village of people who hope that Kim Kardashian will gain a ton of weight now that she’s preggers.

Yep, we’re not the only ones thinking it. Nashville actress Chloe Bennet (Haileytweeted a New Year’s excitement of sorts, saying “Honestly, I'm just excited to see how much bigger Kim kardashians ass is going to get now that she's preggo. #2013.” The cute brunette plays Gunnar’s (Sam Palladio) ex on the Tennesscentric show and frequently posts hilarious observations on her account.  

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Kim and Kanye announced their pregnancy at the end of 2012 when Kanye let it slip that he and Kim are expecting a tiny diamond earring-ed progeny the old fashioned way: at a concert in Atlantic City. Looks like Chloe and Kanye have a lot in common when it comes to sharing their news in public forums...

(P.S. We’re looking forward to it too, Chloe.)

Source: Twitter