Credit: Jon LeMay / ABC Photo: Gunnar's Brother Jason in "I'm Sorry For You My Friend"

We are so in love with Nashville's newest jailbird, Jason Scott. And not just because of that one time he and his lil bro Gunnar (Sam Palladio) serenaded each other on a motel bed and almost started making out. So, who is the man behind the hunky character? Jason is played by none other than David Clayton Rogers, a seasoned actor who you might remember as Ben Quimby on Jane By Design –– aka the best ABC Family show ever.

Credit: Jon LeMay / ABC Photo: Jason and Gunnar Scott Hug in "I'm Sorry For You My Friend"

David hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and has appeared as a guest star in numerous television shows, from Gilmore Girls (sob, RIP), to Law & Order, to Numb3rs. He also has a burgeoning movie career, and starred in Sublime (which went straight to DVD), Dark Ride (which saw a limited release thanks to its graphic nature) and Skylight (which he wrote)! This dude is a southern gent at heart, and graduated from University of Virginia in Charlottesville. 

Nowadays, David is happily married to his gorgeous wife, Army Wives actress Sally Pressman, who he met while attending an acting class at Lesly Kahn & Company in Los Angeles. And hands off, ladies –– David is about to be a daddy! He and Sally announced that they're expecting their first kiddo in 2013, and we expect it to be born with a southern drawl. 

"I think that having a baby is something that gets you out of your comfort zone and changes your life all in positive ways. I think it’s something that can happen concurrently with a career," David tells Celebuzz. "We do currently have a dog that stays with her [Sally] most of the time and it’s amazing to see how much the dog has adopted her personality. It’s just incredible. Sally is just such a strong-headed person so now I have Sally and this miniature Sally in an eight-pound dog form. If that’s any indication, our kids will certainly have a lot of our personalities!"

Considering how hunky David is and how beautiful Sally is, we're going to assume their kiddo will be almost as adorable as Gunnar Scott. Almost.

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