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Oh, hey there. We didn’t see you behind all of our confusion tears. You know how it is: one moment you’re watching Nashville, the next you look at the ratings and see that 2 Broke Girls has like three times the viewership. Naturally, you can’t help but burst into hate blackout tears. So, what gives? Why are people watching NCIS and CSI instead of Nashville? If you answered “stupidity,” you are partially right.

Lionsgate, the company behind the ABC show, is equally baffled by the refusal of people to do what’s good for them and watch the show. The company Prez Kevin Beggs talked to The Hollywood Reporter about why the title might be hurting the show. “There was a lot of debate internally on the ABC side,” Kevin explains about “Nashville.” “If you ask [ABC Entertainment Group president] Paul Lee, he'll talk about the title. We were big advocates for this idea that it is an empty vessel, so let's fill it and make Nashville like Dallas.”

Um, okay. But considering this show lacks quite the ridiculousness that comes with that other show, there has to be a little more to it. “[T]here's the potential that that also brings with it a certain point of view from the viewership, which is: ‘Oh, a show about the South — that's not for me. I don't identify with that.’” Ah, gotcha. We can see the problem there. But with a cast like this one, how can you deny the appeal to a younger audience?

Credit: ABC

“We have high ratings in the younger demographic, the 18 to 34 year olds, and I have a theory that there's this kind of 40-year-old cut off when it comes to country and pop. For the younger generation, they are one and the same. But for the generation I'm part of, we still see the verticals of rock, rap, country and folk, and if I'm over in the rock and rap verticals, I'm never coming to the country vertical.”

Well that’s an easy fix: we’ll just have Avery (Jonathan Jackson) launch a rap career. Done and done. Next problem?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter