Powers Boothe

Nashville character: Lamar Wyatt

Full name: Powers Allen Boothe 

Birthday: June 1, 1948

Hometown: Snyder, Texas

 Best known for: Powers Boothe’s standout roles are almost too many to list: Judge Valentine “Wall” Hatfield in Hatfields & McCoys, Cy Tolliver on Deadwood, 24’s President Noah Daniels, Curly Bill Brocius in Tombstone. We could go on.

Did you know? Though it sounds like a stage name, the actor was actually christened with the badass moniker Powers Boothe at birth. His father named him after an army buddy.


Powers was raised on a Texas farm, and his love of acting drew him to Hollywood, where he’s been working since the ’70s in everything from Philip Marlowe: Private Eye to Sin City. The father of two has been married to his wife, Pamela, since 1969. He credits her for his career, telling Valley Life Magazine, “[S]he is absolutely my best friend, and I wouldn’t have had any success without her.”


When he’s not acting, Powers raises quarter horses on a farm in Texas. You can take the boy out of the country...

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