Natalie Getz Calls Out ABC: “They Did Nothing” For Atlantic City Couple
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Natalie Getz Calls Out ABC: “They Did Nothing” For Atlantic City Couple

On The Bachelorette Season 9, Episode 4, Desiree Hartsock and James Case had their first 1-on-1 date in Atlantic City, New Jersey. And while people were swooning all over the internet when Desmes gave their date away to a couple who had missed their anniversary because of Hurricane Sandy, outspoken Bachelor Pad alum Natalie Getz wasn’t convinced ABC’s motives came from the right place.

“[T]his date made ABC look very selfish,” Natalie writes in her SheKnows Bachelorette blog. “I'm very disappointed they went to a very tragic place and acted like heroes because they filmed it from an expensive helicopter ride, which is money that could've gone to the victims of Hurricane Sandy had they just taken a ferry ride. They film how horrible this place looked after a major natural disaster, yet didn't do anything to help except give a nice old couple a free dinner.”

Natalie Getz Calls Out ABC: “They Did Nothing” For Atlantic City Couple
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To be fair, though, they did buy them a lovely dinner, right? Not quite, Nat says. “[I]t wasn't just a free dinner, it was a dinner that was filmed for a major television network.” Good point. The episode had everyone tearing up over the sweet story the couple shared with viewers. But then again, the cutest part about their date was that they got their wedding album restored — though it was the Red Cross that did that, Nat points out.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time that a television show has showed a down ‘n’ out couple getting back on their feet with the help of a television show. Unfortunately for Atlantic City couple Manny and Jan, that wasn’t really what ABC did.

“With all these shows out there that surprise victims with a gift of financial value to help them get back on their feet, it made me uncomfortable to see them disappoint this elderly couple and offer them a filmed dinner date to make themselves look like they were do-gooders. What did they actually do for them? They did nothing.”

Natalie Getz Calls Out ABC: “They Did Nothing” For Atlantic City Couple
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How do you really feel, Natalie? She has a point, though. Although it was sweet and enlightening to hear Manny and Jan’s story, to see the joy they felt when their album was returned to them, and to witness the love they share, ABC didn’t exactly build them a house and help them buy back their lost possessions.

But Natalie shared with Wetpaint a little more about her perspective that she left out of her initial post. “I believe ABC meant well and it’s great that they brought attention to Hurricane Sandy,” she explained. “I just wish they had helped out a little financially, or maybe put the guys to work on building them a house!”

Hmm, that actually would have been a pretty awesome group date, come to think of it. Perhaps next time ABC heads out to an area that has been affected by a natural disaster, they could take that idea into consideration.

Further, showing what was done and how much more is needed in that area could be invaluable to helping rebuild the devastation. In fact, ABC did share with viewers the number to text in order to donate money to Red Cross efforts. What do you think: Was it enough just for ABC to help tell their story and buy Manny and Jan dinner, or did you expect more from a station with so much power?

Source: Natalie's SheKnows Bachelorette blog

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