Nathan Fillion Calls Castle’s Proposal to Beckett a “Natural Progression”
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Nathan Fillion Calls Castle’s Proposal to Beckett a “Natural Progression”

When Castle (Nathan Fillion) proposed to Beckett (Stana Katic) in the Castle Season 5 finale, even the most die-hard Caskett shippers were skeptical. After all, Beckett flirted with a possible suitor in “The Squab and the Quail,” and twice-married Rick doesn’t exactly have a promising relationship history.

Still, Nathan himself was a fan of the swingset proposal. “It seemed like a natural progression,” he tells TVLine. In fact, Nathan has always supported how Andrew Marlowe and the show’s other writers handled Castle and Beckett’s relationship.

Nathan notes that the show’s scribes “have been very artful” in all five seasons of the show “with the ‘Will they, won’t they,’ they will, where will it go from here” dynamic between the mystery writer and his muse.

Sadly, we can’t reveal how Beckett will respond to the proposal, but viewers will be treated to her answer in the first minutes of the Season 6 premiere on September 23 at 10 p.m. ET.

Whatever Beckett decides, Andrew notes the writers didn’t arrive at her answer easily. Instead, they “toyed with” a few different outcomes, ultimately deciding that they are “always looking for what’s most honest and what’s going to be most challenging.”

“With where the characters were in the finale, [the path the writers chose] is honest,” Andrew concludes.

Think you know how Beckett answers Castle’s proposal? Pick a side below and tune in to the Season 6 premiere on Monday to find out if you’re right!

Source: TVLine