Nathan Fillion Wants a Role on The Walking Dead — Cast Him For Season 5?
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Nathan Fillion Wants a Role on The Walking Dead — Cast Him For Season 5?

When the world’s ending, and you’re struggling for the will to live, a visit from shiny Nathan Fillion just might do the trick.

The Walking Dead Season 4 is already finished filming, but maybe the AMC show should keep Nathan in mind for next October’s Season 5.

The Castle star and Firefly alum recently talked to Digital Spy about his guest role on Community, which he got when he tweeted his love for the show. So they asked what other shows he love to be on. He picked three.

"There's plenty of things I will catch on DVR but when it comes on, I never miss Game of Thrones, I never miss The Walking Dead and I'm very excited for the new season of Sherlock." Dang, that boy has good taste! “Any of those I'd be really happy about,” he added.

He doesn’t seem like a natural fit for GoT or Sherlock, from here, but we know he can play a tough but fair (and funny) leader of a scrappy group of outsiders, so why not cast him on The Walking Dead?

*Comic books spoilers ahead*

If Season 5 follows any of the comics, Rick and company may get to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, or some version of that place. Maybe Nathan could play one of the leaders, or just show up for a guest role as one of the many survivors. (He could play a version of Pete Anderson, if they want to go dark, or Douglas Monroe if they change him to be a bit younger. Or what if he played Negan?)

*End of comics spoilers*

Or he could just go the walker route, like Hines Ward. If someone doesn’t fit any existing role but just wants to be part of TWD, give him the guts. It’s not like they’re ever going to stop needing zombies.

Do you think The Powers That Be should consider Nathan for a guest or recurring role next season? The “I love your show” trick has worked for him before, and in this case it might actually fit with the big picture. Thoughts?

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns with Episode 9 on Sunday, February 9 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: Digital Spy

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